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Search & Rescue

Autonomous or remote operated Search and Rescue missions can be performed by one autonomous or a swarm of autonomous drones.


When multiple drones are deployed the system will divide and optimise the mission between the drones in the swarm and rebalance if the situation changes.

The system can distribute a mission, such as scanning of an area, between different drones and they will operate as one swarm

Live video stream to the control

Active Geofence



Drones resident in drone boxes can be permanently placed on sites to be used when needed. E.g. Seaports, ships, offshore facilities, near extreme sport centres, etc.

The drones in the mission can autonomously react to events, e.g. when finding a person, report to control and wait with that person until arrival of the technical team

Remote piloted operation capability

Hot change of drones during their mission, for different reasons, such as battery condition or a drone was called for another mission.

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