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Asset Monitoring

Resident autonomous drones at onshore/offshore windfarms, unitalities, infrastructure, solar photovoltaic farms, fixed and floating oil platforms, ships and tankers, onshore refineries and onshore oil fields reduce or negate the deployment of people.


The operational monitoring of assets and sites provides scope to reduce manpower requirements, costs, carbon emissions, maintenance frequency (condition based versus schedule) and business risk while improving operational efficiency, remote monitoring and procedural compliance. Functionality:

Scheduled and continuous operation of monitoring the perimeter for Assets and Security risks

Live video stream to the control

Autonomous identification of potential risks



Autonomous decision taking by drones, e.g follow security suspects

Hot switch between drones at any point to achieve continuance mission

Resident drones could also be used for ad-hoc missions

Active Geofence
Remote piloted operation capability

Seamless integration to drone box

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