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December 01, 2020




The answer to “how is Airwayz different” can be best answered by looking at different levels starting with our basic philosophy: 

Airwayz is taking a two-way approach to the drone operational space, flying drones and managing the sky (UTM, Unmanned Traffic Management). Our unique approach is splitting the task between the end unit, the drone, which is able to take on the spot real time decisions and the server side that sees the big picture and manages the sky. 

All other companies are coming from one of the two directions, so they either fly a drone or managing the sky, we do both. That unique approach allows Airwayz to manage many different projects, from simple to very complex environments such as the first in the world urban drone delivery.

We can manage an area with very complex environments, some drones we fully control by our multi-autonomous flight system, some drones we help pilots to remotely fly, some could be used manually but registered in our UTM and we can also be aware of and deconflict with manned aircrafts and can seamless include GIS maps and other inputs. Managing such a dynamic environment with many different levels of control is very challenging, but our AI engine does it well and is scalable.


Another important point is the commoditization of the business, there are full sets of advanced proprietary drones and their proprietary drone boxes that have their own autonomous flight systems. Besides the fact they do not have multi-autonomous nor AI based UTM (as they only manage the drone side and not the sky), they are also extremely expensive with high R&D costs and low sales volumes. 

We take a different approach by using off the shelf commercial drones (such as Parrot or DJI with its millions of flight hours and very low cost, especially using its hardware capabilities) and off the shelf drone boxes and then ,with our software, deliver more advanced systems than the drone-box providers but for a fraction of the price. This approach which allows a mass usage of these solution; we are making the most advanced drones solutions into an affordable commodity for many different commercial and government usage.


Let us take a closer look at the actual features. We have several points that are very unique and as a result our solution, as a whole, is very different from what is available today.

First point, as this business is changing and emerging at a very fast pace, there are many interpretations to basic terminology. One example is what most call 'Autonomous', flight. In most cases it is simply a waypoint flight, which means automatic. In order to be considered truly Autonomous a system will have AI algorithms that can react to changing environments, e.g. strong wing, failure of different systems, other drones/aircraft in the same airspace, dynamic no fly zones and a series of other considerations. Airwayz Fly has all these features making our system fully Autonomous, secure and completely scalable.


There are different solutions available that are fully Autonomous, but they lack the following capabilities;


  1. We are a software only solution and drone agnostic, so we can use any commercial or bespoke drone. We are already integrated to the most common commercial drones and we can easily integrate to different manufacturers’ drones.


  1. Airwayz is multi-autonomous, so can manage a fleet/swarm of drones. The software can autonomously split missions between the different drones, be aware of other drones performing different missions in the area and ensure all are synchronized with full system visibility.


  1. We have an AI based dynamic UTM. So for example, while a drone(s) is flying a planned mission part of the airspace becomes a no fly zone for any reason, the Airwayz server will immediately plan an alternative route, reroute the system controlled drone(S) and recommend that new route to any Airwayz Fly system monitored (but not controlled) drones.


  1. Another example is a case of a helicopter crossing the airspace, all drones in the expected path of the helicopter will be alerted, the controlled drones will change route to avoid collision and the uncontrolled drones will receive an alert and recommended new route.


These combined features allow for significant flexibility in hardware, missions, safety, risk control, regulatory compliance, airspace management and visibility. The system can be utilised for a single drone in a box solution, as a management tool for combining drones across an entire industrial complex, port and other such facilities into a centrally managed resource. Ideal for advanced security and military purposes or for enabling drone commerce across cities and territories.

It is completely scalable, safe, secures all data and enables rapid mission planning and coordination.


Ask us for a demo today.




Best regards,


Tomer Serok


Airwayz Team

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