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The challenge:

Drones have become a commodity, there are drones and drone operating systems that can do delivery of food, agriculture products, healthcare related and more, there are Air-taxis, there are drones that can do autonomous policing, HLS etc. and there are drones that can do inspection and mapping and all could be done autonomously. But we, as citizens, look up and we do not see those Drones. Why is that?

The answer is that lower airspace, especially over an urban environment is not easy to manage, there are buildings, trees, electric lines and telephone lines. There are manned aircrafts such as helicopters and ultralights that are also using the same airspace and, in a city, there is work for thousands of drones working autonomously, but who can make sure it is safe?

A manned control tower, as we see in Civil Aviation, to manage tens of thousands of very short flights daily, in the environment as described above is not realistic. The only way for drones to reach their full potential is by an autonomous system, that could do the same job the air traffic control team will do, in a control tower but with many more flights and much faster response time.

The Airwayz’ Dynamic UTM, could make autonomous decisions, such as flight validation and approval and if not, it will suggest a new route. And all is done within 5 seconds.  And more than that, it keeps track of all drones and manned aircrafts for any risky situation that developpes and able to avoid the risks, even reroute flights while already airborne is done by the system autonomously.

We haven’t completely eliminated the air traffic controllers, they are still there, but the system will make all decisions Autonomously while the air traffic controller can overwrite decisions of the system.


The vision is to turn cities and towns into Drone Friendly environments that every drone operator, either private or government related companies, could add its own innovating service of delivery, Air Taxi, Policing, security, HLS, firefighting and more, without worrying about long approval cycles for every flight nor committed expensive airspace to a single operator. The system maximizes the usage of the airspace to the maximum capacity without compromising safety. As soon as Airwayz Dynamic UTM identifies a potential risk, it informs the parties involved and informs the party that needs to take action, which action to take to avoid risk of collision and that party will be responsible in taking the action.

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