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Airwayz, the smart way

what we do

Operator App

Airwayz app is compatible with best practice drone manufacturers (DJI, Parrot, etc.). Suited for commercial use with multiple operating functions, flight & mission data is shared between users and managed wisely according to defined parameters - connecting the remote pilot to the operational environment.

Management System

Our cloud-based management platform facilitates real-time monitoring and operating of heterogeneous drone fleets, while providing a safe and efficient integration within the airspace. From single users to large enterprises, the system’s features enables our clients a full utilization of drone fleets capabilities.


Flight Network

Collaborate with other team members, share flight data and mission information between drone operators and pilots


Anti-collision algorithm between drones and manned aviation creates improved situation awareness for operators

Live Updated Data

Geofence capabilities with updated ATC and airspace information, terrain, weather, and 3rd party systems

Mission Control

Mission planning, monitoring and post-flight analytics tools. our web management enables the tracking of drones, communication and data sharing with operators, live video stream and seizing remote-control during operation

Fleet Management

Operators logbook, flight hours, smart maintenance and more - our smart AI engine will collect and analyze relevant data for advanced fleet handling



Perform various missions such as routine security, border defense, large scale operations.


Operate drones for inspections and monitoring infrastructures of oil & gas, energy, utilities and civil engineering

First Responders

Enable police and fire departments to use multiple drones in an operational environment combining air and ground forces

why us

Across-The-Board Expertise

We are competent in drone & UTM tech, data integration, aviation knowledge, real-time C&C, regulations and more

Former Israeli ATC

With over 50 years of accumulated experience we bring best practice methods for safe and efficient airspace & UAV fleet managment


Together with our partners we can customize our product to provide you with end-to-end solution for your specific needs of drones operations

about us

Airwayz aims at becoming a lead provider of management system for UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) and drone fleets.
 Like autonomous vehicles, drones are evolving beyond their military origin to become a strong vertical in various industries. Already today, drones are utilized in commercial and civil government applications. this opportunities for large-scale operations of drone fleets.
Our vision is to bring the future of autonomous drones operations into an urban area. with the aim of crearing a real solution for Unmanned Traffic Management, we are developing a system based on AI, advanced algorithms, integrated multiple data sources as well as aviation & regulations rules.
about usabout usabout us

the team

Eyal Zor

Co-founder & CEO

Yair Yosef

Co-founder & CPO

Shai Kurianski

Co-founder & CTO


Full Stack - HaNehoshet Street 3, תל אביב יפו, ישראל - 100

Full Stack developer with 3+ years of experience in the following technologies: nodejs, js, html, css.
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Java Software Engineer - HaNehoshet Street 3, תל אביב יפו, ישראל - 200

3+ years of experience in Java, server side.
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Android Developer - HaNehoshet Street 3, תל אביב יפו, ישראל - 300

3+ Years of experience in Android development.
1+ years of experience in cpp.

* Experience with image processing, openCV, Other GPU programming.
* Experience with oDJI Mobile SDK/Pixhawk/parrot

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Software Engineer - HaNehoshet Street 3, תל אביב יפו, ישראל - 400

Developing technologies for drones on a raspberry pi!
3+ Experience in cpp.
1+ Experience in Python.

Major Advantage:
*At least some experience in developing software for Raspberry pi.

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